Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Even though this year I was left home alone for most of the Christmas celebrations, I am glad to see that Santa didn't forget me. After all he made me dress up as an elf.

Tonight my owners showed up with bags full of gifts. At first I stayed away from the bags because I'm afraid of them. I just don't like how they sound and that is why I try to stay as far away from them as I can. However mommy kept calling me closer to the bags and taking things out of them.

Slowly I began approaching the bags. How could I not? Stuffed animals were coming out of the bags. As soon as I saw my Christmas toys I wanted to get to them. I love chewing, licking and shaking them. I shake my stuffed toys so hard that when I release them from my tight grip, they fly across the room. I always fetch them back, and I do it so fast that Master never gets to them before I do.

Anyway, Santa brought me Mr. Teddy, Mario, Monkey Boy, Skunk, rope, Mr. Tiger and Doggy. So far I'm loving Mr. Tiger and Doggy. Thank you Santa!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm an Elf?

My grandmother, from my Master's side, thinks that this Christmas Santa is going to need my help. That's why she has decided that I should be dressed as an elf.

Grandma M. invited us over for some tea and I thought I was going to get my usual, a nice cut of chicken and my toys to guard.

To my surprise there was no chicken for me tonight, just some carrots and a little gift bag.

Mommy opened the gift bag and was very happy to see what Grandma M. had bought me. Being the curious dog that I am, I went closer to them to see what they were looking at. Next thing I know, mommy grabs me and stars putting clothes on me. The end result, I was dressed as an elf. The outfit included a jingle collar and a christmas hat.

If it is true that Santa will be needing my help soon, he better make sure I make it on his nice list. He better get me everything I will be asking for.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Jacket

Remember how I told you mommy said I was getting fat? Well, it seems she was right.

Today the UPS guy showed up with a box and mommy was super excited. Next thing I now she takes this red blanket and puts it on me.

Ok, it is not a blanket and I do look hot in red, but she better not think that I'm going to be wearing this jacket and those winter boots when we go out for our walks. What will my friends think?  It is one or the other, but not both!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Is Boot Time

I thought that the fluffy white stuff from what my human owners called winter last year was a once-in-a-life-time thing, but it seems this winter thing is an annual event. Mommy has been bringing out winter sweaters, scarfs and jackets to try on me. She says I might need a new jacket because I have grown - taller and wider.  Now I'm afraid she might put me on a diet.

Tonight mommy said that I should put my winter boots and practice walking with them. Somehow she thinks I might have forgotten how to use these shoe things.

Well, all I can say is that I'm not happy to be wearing boots. Can you tell from this picture how excited I was to be wearing my winter boots?

What I don't understand is why mommy and Master kept on laughing at me. They are delusional. They say that once I'm outside I won't mind the boots so much. I don't think I'll be using these boots this winter. These things just suck and I want them off my paws. Get them off now! Please!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The dog behind the gate

Yes, we all know I bite and I've done it before, but I had my good reasons. Once I got adopted into my current forever family, I became a free dog. Nothing is locked behind closed doors and I'm free to walk anywhere inside the house at any given time.

When visitors come over, I feel how my owners grow wary. They don't trust me much and are afraid I will attack someone. I try not to do anything bad, but it just irks me to see people grabbing my toys, my bed or my chewing sticks without even asking me. What I hate the most is when they all try to hug me and pick me up like if I was a baby or a stuffed animal.

I'm a dog people! I'm moody at times, and when you do something I don't like…I might bite!

My owners have a gate for me. It has some frosted plexiglass that doesn't allow me to see through it, but the gate is only used on the master bedroom when babies come to the house and are sleeping inside the room.

I don't mind babies. I just smelled them a little and then go away. When older kids come it is a different story. Older kids get all crazy playing all over the first floor of the house, and my masters try to keep me contained on the second floor.

I used to be afraid of stairs and wooden railings so whenever the gate was placed at the top of the stairs I would cry and whine about being left alone on the second floor.

This past weekend we had guests. I was so excited to be around everyone (protecting my toys) that I overcame my fear of stairs and wooden railings.

While contained upstairs, I wiggled my somewhat overweight body between the wooden railings, jumped 5 stair steps, landed safely on the stairs' landing and came rushing to the first floor to be around the guests.

My owners were astonished. How would they keep me up on the second floor now? Locking me in a room was out of the question. That would mean I would bark unstoppable and would probably scratch the door. Being locked away could get me so upset that I could forget my good manners and training classes, returning me to my wild days.

The solution was to extend the gate along the wooden railing, blocking my escape route and use anything to block the top of the stairs. My owners used an ottoman. That kept me up there for a good 10 minutes. I accidentally stood on my hind legs and pushed the ottoman down the stairs.

Oh no!! Now what have I done? Once the ottoman stopped rolling down the stairs I realized that what stopped it from tumbling even further, was one of its round wooden legs. It jabbed into the drywall.

Somehow my owners were able to block the bottom of the stairs with the frosted gate. They continued entertaining the guests. I was left alone at the stairs' landing, crying, until the guest went home.

Later that afternoon, my masters came home with a brand new gate. Now there is nothing I can do to escape this new jail gate.

Don't touch Tiger

I've said before that I like protecting my toys. I don't know why I do this, but I do. I only let my master and mommy take toys away from me. Anyone else must know that I might bite them if they try to take whatever it is I'm protecting.

Tiger is a toy Baba has for me at his house. I like visiting him because he always gives carrot sticks, a rawhide and Tiger to play with.

When I'm allowed on the couch, I cuddle with my buddy like in the picture.Sometimes I play fetch with Tiger, but most of the time I just like to sit with him and make sure Baba doesn't take Tiger away from me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chubby dog

This is me eating human food when no one is looking.
Lately I've heard my owners complain about how fat I've been getting. It is not my fault, I love to beg at the dinner table. I also would do anything to get treats. Honestly, I think I should get a treat just for looking cute - and I look cute all the time.

My mommy has been trying to put me on a diet. Every time she gives me a treat she cuts it in half, she ignores me when I'm begging for more food and she has even decreased the amount of dog food I get.

When it comes to exercise, I still get three, 25 min walks each day, and plenty of go fetch games at home. But somehow, I haven't been able to shed the few lbs I packed on last winter. I go to the dog park often and I run with my buddies a lot, but the weight is just not coming off that easy.

Some of my treats have changed. I've been getting carrot sticks and I love them, but every chance I get I might get into my owners' food and steal whatever I can.

What I like the most is when we go visit other people or when friends come over. I give them my puppy eyes, I do my cute little howls, and some way or another I get them to throw me a piece of anything they have on their plate.

Gator the alligator - my friend

Today, mommy and I walked from our house to the pet store. I think she was trying to tire me out since I've been a little too active lately.

It wasn't a long walk, only half a mile or so.

Once we got to the store, I went crazy with all the smells and the other dogs inside the store.

We walked around and when we came to the toy isle I was mesmerized with all the friends I found there.

Gator, the alligator, called my attention the most. He was closer to my eye level and once I sniffed him I gently grabbed him out of the stand where he was. We started playing right away. Mommy had no other option than to buy him for me.

Now when I'm home, I make sure Gator is always with me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot Summer Day Siesta

Summer here are hot! When the temperature gets so unbearable, all I want to do is sleep. My walks get cut in half because I simply refuse to move.

What dog in his crazy mind would want to walk on hot pavement or on dry, prickly, dead grass? I, for sure rather stay inside relaxing, than suffer from that extreme heat.

This is me taking a siesta on a summer day. All my play buddies are keeping me company and once I wake up feeling refreshed, I will use some of my energy to play with my toys.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Work is for humans, belly rubs are for ME!

Having a dog life is the best thing ever. At least at my house it is.

My owners work, clean, cook and exercise, while I play, eat and get taken out on walks.

On the days my mommy stays home and works from home I'm her constant companion. While she types away on her computer, writing articles, proofing webpages, creating newsletters and maintaining her sites, I lay next to her and beg for her attention.

Most of the time I get it. She pets me, gets me treats or tells me I have to wait until she has some free time. I don't mind waiting for her because I know that once she has some time for me, she will rub my belly and that is what I like the most.

I'm always ready for a belly rub, if you can't tell from the picture.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Get me out of the water

Bath time is not my favorite time, but I know it must happen.

I usually know when bat time comes. I mean, it usually happend on Fridays or Saturdays, and when mommy goes into the linnen closet, I know it is either to change the bed sheets or to grab my towel.

When I'm in the bathtub I stand still and stick my head out. I don't know why, but sometimes I feel I might drown, so I'm better off sticking my snout out the tub.

Mommy is very gentle with my baths. She signs to me, and massages my body. The shampoo she uses on me smells really good and is dog save, but no matter what, once bath time is over I run all over the house and rub my body against any soft surface I find.

I guess bath time is not that bad, I end up smelling good, feeling soft and being super shiny. I just wish it didn't have to happen every week.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm in Big Trouble Now

I'm not allowed on the furniture anymore.
As a free roaming house dog, I've been able to go all over the house since my adoption. Mommy and master have had little restrictions with me, and I've been able to snooze on the couch, on their bed, in the guest bedroom's bed, just about anywhere. Last night this freedom came to an end.

I have various beds throughout the house, and I used these when we have company over, or when I want to protect my toys and treats from anyone. Now, it seems that based on last night's events, I'm going to have to rest on my dog beds and just there, whenever any humans are at home. This includes mommy and master.

Mommy has been sick for the past few days, so I've been keeping her company on the couch, but last night I was under the blanket and mommy wanted to stretch. Since I was in the way, mommy tried to move me by pushing me slowly with her forearm. I didn't like this. Maybe I was scared. Maybe I was being territorial. Maybe I'm just crazy. I started to growl and then out of nowhere I started barking and biting.

Mommy says that fortunately for her I was only grabbing on to the blanket since I was under it and she was not. I know she was scared. I heard her scream and then she got really mad.

Next thing I knew, the blanket was off of me and both mommy and master were commanding me to get off the couch and onto my dog bed.

After this, I heard them talk about me. They said I wasn't allowed on the furniture anymore. Not as long as people are on the furniture.

A few hours later we all went to bed. I usually cuddle with them in the bed for a few minutes, but this time this didn't happened. Every time I jumped on the bed I was told to get off.

I stared at them with my sad puppy eyes, but that trick didn't work. I was never invited up the bed.

Is mommy really mad at me? She fed me breakfast this morning and took me on a long walk as usual. We even chase one another around the house this morning and we were having so much fun. She pet me and kissed me and called me sweet names, but once she sat on the couch I was not allowed to come up.

I don't know if this is how is going to be from now on, but if it is, let me just say this sucks! I'm still sad, and I'm very sorry for the way I reacted. I wish things could go back to the way they used to be and I'm allowed on the furniture again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainy Days

I'm not going out in this rain.
When it rains it pours. That is so true.

I don't like it when it rains because I refuse to go outside and do what I need to do. Would you like to do your thing while you are getting drenched in cold water? I'm sure you won't like this, so why should I, a dog, be forced to go outside when the weather is ugly?

I woke up this morning and this bad storm is going on. Last time I went was around 11 p.m. last night. Right now it is 10 a.m. and I'm still holding it. I'm going to hold it until the rain goes away.

Having had breakfast is not helping at me right now, but I'm just going to stay on the couch and wait for the rain to go away before I go outside.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toys Toys and More Toys

Obi and his toys.

My grandma says I'm a spoiled dog. I think that she says this because I have 3 beds, 3 different leashes, a carpet where I eat on and lots of toys. Isn't this how every dog lives?

When it comes to toys I need a variety of them. It would be boring to play with the same toy every day. I know I don't like sharing my toys with anyone, especially any other dog, but if you ask me nicely I might let you play with some of them.

Mommy says I'm weird. From all the toys I have, my favorite is this old sock my master doesn't use anymore. I've named this one Mr. Socky.

Every time I see mommy slip on Mr. Socky on her hand I go crazy. I howl, bark and jump around her. All I want to do is get to Mr. Socky. I know mommy's hand is under Mr. Socky so I'm very careful of not biting her hard.

Obi plays with Mr. Socky.
Mr. Socky pushes me around, tries to put me under a headlock and even tries to get my paws. I move faster than Mr. Socky. I'm able to wiggle my way out of the headlock and avoid having my paws trapped by him.

This game gets me so worked up and tired, that after 10 minutes I have to rest and drink lots of water. If I could I would play with Mr. Socky all day long, but if I get tired, I'm sure Mr. Socky does as well.

Do you have a favorite toy?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Today I Turn 2-years old, or 14 if You Count in Dog Years

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear Obi! Happy birthday to me!

Yes, it is true. I'm a year older now. If I was a human baby I would be entering the terrible twos, but since I'm a dog and in dog years I would be turning 14, I should be a tamed dog from now on.

I have been to previous dog birthday parties and I've had dog cake and ice cream. I've also seen some friends open gifts. However, for my birthday I wanted an intimate affair.  I told mommy and master that we should just stay in and celebrate as a family.

I was surprised that my front-door neighbor, Zinc (a huge boxer), send me a gift bag. I thought he didn't like me. Every time I see him, I bark at him like there is no tomorrow. I pull on my leash, I growl and if I could, I would chase him to end of the block until I get a piece of him.

The first time we met he slapped me with his big paw and since that day I've never been able to have a dog conversation with him. It was nice of him to send me a gift bag. I got treats, a frog, a rope and a ball. I hope we can be friends from now on.

Mommy got me doggy ice cream, it was peanut butter flavor. I wanted to eat the entire piece but mommy said it was too much for me and she just let me eat half the piece she served me.

I know there's some more ice cream in the freezer. If I remain a good dog, I might get some more ice cream later.

Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Things I Don't Like

Here is a list of a few things that get me all worked up:

  1. Big hairy dogs
  2. Molly from down the street
  3. Being kicked
  4. Being hugged and kissed by stranger
  5. My mommy playing with another dog
  6. Having my chewing stick taken away
  7. Walking in the rain
  8. Abusive behavior, by humans and animals
  9. Violation of my personal space
  10. Being left alone at home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My New Best Friend

Ever since I can remember I've had this white teddy bear named buddy (See "X-mas Card Perfect" for a picture of Buddy). I've played tug of war with him almost daily. I use him as my pillow, I drag him up and down the stairs when I'm playing with him and I chase after him when master throws him around the house. However, buddy makes me gag now. I think all the rough playing I've done with him have him seeing his last days. Buddy has this hole on his neck, and when I play with him, his white fully insides come out through this hole. I can't stop coughing. Mommy says I sound like a cat with a hairball, but we all know I'm a dog and not a cat.

I've asked for Buddy's neck to be repaired, but the tear is so large that there is no repairing.

Master surprised me the other day with a new friend. His name is Lion and he is not hairy like Buddy. Best of all he has no hole on his neck. Lion is colorful and has a long tail I can grab on when I'm dragging him around the house. I don't choke on Lion's hair at all.

Buddy has been my best friend since I was placed on foster care, but it is time to move on and make new friends.
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