Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Dog

Mom has been wanting a second dog for the longest time. I think that as soon as she rescued me she said she wanted to rescue another awesome dog like me, but as usual, Master put an end to that. Thank God he did, because if he hadn't I would be competing for mom's love, and in case you don't know mom in MINE!

Anyway, I felt bad that for Valentine's Day she wasn't getting another dog, so I got her the second best thing. A Snoopy dog toy for me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cavin Fever

In my last post I told you guys that I'm not enjoying this winter stuff. Come on! My hair is sleek and short, ideal for tropical weather, but somehow destiny had it that my life would be next to my mom in this cold tundra.

I'm so bored of being locked inside the house. I'm sick of not being able to run free or go for long walks. This weather just makes my paws and butt freeze in an instant. I see my friends, the golden retreivers, go for long walks and they don't seem bothered with this weather. They don't even wear a coat. On the other hand, I have to bundle up to the point that my body movements are limited.

Last night I told mom and master that winter was no longer keeping me inside. When we went on my evening walk I was out there for a 40 minutes in 22 °F weather. Mom was freezing. She said her fingers were about to fall off, but I was determined to get my exercise done. My short little legs are so tired of not moving! Don't get me wrong, mom plays with me inside the house, and you know I'm no crate dog, but walking outside is just so much better.

Today I also woke up determined to walk and enjoy all that fluffy snow. Mom said she was late for work this morning because I kept on trotting away in the snow. For lunch, master and I went out for a walk as well, and I better not hear him say he was freezing too.

I've decided that if summer is not coming to me, then I'm walking until I reach it. I miss summer.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I don't like the snow

Winter at home hasn't been so bad this year. We haven't had much snow and most of the days have been in the 40s. There were those few weeks we couldn't get out of the teens and freezing windchill, but over all I've been happy because I haven't had to wear my snow boots.

Well, it seems my happy days are now long gone because Mr. Snow has paid us a visit. Wile everyone seems happy to be playing in the snow, I can't stand to be out there for more than few minutes.

Running back home.
Yes, the white pretty stuff makes some people happy, but not me. Im a tropical climate dog! My paws freeze in the snow and I can't sniff anything. What's worse, stumbling upon yellow snow from my neighborhood friends is not fun at all. For me, it is hard to want to do my business out there when by behind is exposed to the cold.

Mom does her best and dresses me up. I love my sweaters, scarfs and coats, but I rather be romping in the backyard when during summer time.

Winter bores me. I can't stay outside too long and there is less stuff to chase and sniff out. Don't get me wrong, I like the white stuff, specially licking it, but once my paws get too cold I just want to go back home.

I miss summer
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