Sunday, January 20, 2013

My life is complete now

Mom and master have been back for a week now and I couldn't be any happier. Don't get me wrong, I had the best time at grandma's house, but I misses my home, my parents, my toys and mom's bed.
Since mom feels a little guilty about leaving me for 10 days, she has been letting me sleep on her bed. I know she wants me to stay on her bed all night long, but mom tosses a lot so I only sleep there about 1 hour and then head off to my little bed, right next to mom's big bed. In the morning, I jump back on the bed and mom is happy again.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mom is on vacation and sad.

Right now I'm missing mom and Master a lot. I've been staying with my awesome grandparents while mom is visiting her homeland of Cartagena, Colombia.

Mom was very excited before leaving - nervous too. This is the first time that my Master visits Colombia and mom just wanted to make sure that he will love the city and the country as much as she loved it when she lived and visited there before.

Mom had not been back to Colombia in eight years and she told me that a lot has changed. There are a lot more comforts, places to go and ways to shop. The city still carries its beautiful history and architecture, yet mom is not too happy there. First it is super hot - it is always 95 degrees if not hotter - but what makes mom so sad is that she tells me there are lots of dogs and cats living homeless on the street. People there are very friendly to each other, but not to four legged individuals like myself.

Mom told me that she has cried a few times because no one cares for us down there. Street animals are starving, suffering from the heat or very sick. Most of the "lucky" ones that have owners are treated bad, they are tied outside, left outside without protection, never bathed, and most withstand physical abuse daily. Few are loved and cared like it is done in the U.S. What's worse, no one seems to want to help homeless animals and they are always yelling at my four legged brothers and sisters to go away. Cats are also left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Throughout all these hardships, street dogs in Colombia are very friendly, mom has fed a few of them and has even pet them. They only want to be loved and be treated fairly. People down there think mom is crazy for caring for these dogs, they even yell at her when she tries to help.

Mom says that she misses me a lot and wants to come home right now, but at the same time she wants to stay and help all the needy animals of Colombia. She says that I will love it down there because of the weather and because dogs there are rarely walked on leashes. We can run free, but then again we are not welcomed anywhere so it would be hard for me to live comfortably down there. I love to be around people, I love to jump on the furniture, on the beds, I love to go on  car rides...I have a heart and I have rights, and I want to be accepted and loved like my family loves me in the U.S.

Come back soon mom, maybe together we can help the abandoned and unwanted pets of Colombia.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I know I haven't posted in a while, but things have been crazy over here.  Just wanted to drop by quickly and wish everyone a happy 2013!
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