Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Invisible Fence Needed

On many of my walks I see some of my neighbor dogs trying to attack me from a distance. In my eyes they are just stupid, why would they bark and growl at me but not try to get me? There is nothing stopping them from getting out of their front yards, but somehow they stand there barking and crying while I just walk away.

Mom says they can't get me because of the invisible fence. Well, I have no idea what that is but I don't think an invisible fence would stop me from doing anything I set my mind to.

Mom laughed at me today because she said there is no need for an invisible fence at our home when we have an umbrella!
There is no way out.

There was a man painting our front door this morning and he had the door wide open. I was contemplating making a mad dash and flying out the door, but then mom opened the umbrella, placed it in front of the door, and my idea to run free and wild was thrown out the door.

I'm afraid of umbrellas and this was the best determent mom found, stopping me from making my escape.

I would had come back home. I have it good in this house.

Friday, August 30, 2013


So my mom is always sitting in front of the computer, she says that she is working, but I don't always believe her. A lot of the time she is on Twitter, Facebook or G+. I've heard her say that social media is part of her job, but I think she just does it for fun - and to delay walking me.

I thought I should jump on this social media bandwagon if I want to keep up with the times.
Setting up my FB account.

I've decided it is time for me to officially join Facebook. I know master and mom post lots of pictures about me on their own pages, but I should have a dedicated page of my own if I'm going to keep in touch with my dog friends. Tito, Kafka and Metzli have their own pages, so why shouldn't I.

Mom made me a page and I was so excited to see that within minutes I had a few friends. I don't have thousands of friends yet, but I'm not really concerned about that. Once people see my cute face, I'm sure they'll be begging to be my friends. I think I'll accept anyone's friendship as long as they send me a treat. Ha ha! This friendship policy might not fly with mom but we will see.

Well, the truth is that mom only agreed to my FB page because she got blocked from FB for 3 days (we hope!), but she still needs to do work related stuff there, so she needed a way in. That way was me!

I think I'll be posting some stuff about my adventures there, but don't expect daily posts. I need time to sunbathe, stretch, walk, bark at people, and of course sleep.
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