Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Snowing Outside

I had no idea what this white fluffy wet stuff was. All I knew is that something was going on. The weather turned to freezing and where there was grass, flowers and trees before now has this cold, white blanket of what they call snow.

I like licking the snow. It kind of reminds me of what mommy puts in my water bowl. Yet, this white stuff gives me brain freeze.

Mommy insists on dressing me up every time I go outside. At first I hated this because I'm a dog. I don't need a coat, a scarf and boots to go outside. I thought I could handle this winter stuff, but once I step outside and feel the icy sidewalk and the freezing wind, I understand why mommy dresses me the way she does. I'm grateful she does this. If it wasn't for her crazy outfit I would just shake and stay put in one place.

Many of you are laughing at my outfit. I know it makes me look like an old lady, but if you squint and tilt you head to the left I look like the most adorable dog you have ever seen. Don't you agree with me?

Monday, December 20, 2010

X-mas Card Perfect

Ever since that day in November when mommy baked this huge bird – unfortunately it wasn't for me – she has been going crazy about something called Christmas.

I don't remember ever celebrating this but I'm happy about all the things that are happening around the house.

Mommy brought and elf, his name is Ralphie and I love him. He kind of reminds me of one of my toys, but every time I try to get near him (and I don't do this too often), mommy and master tell me to leave him alone. Maybe once my human companions go to bed I'll get to play with Ralphie.

There is also this tree inside the house. At first I thought it was a real tree and I was so happy. With the cold winds outside nothing will make me happier than being able to go do my thing in a warm place. I went over to smell the tree and was so disappointed to find out it was a fake. I guess I won't be going there.

Mommy keeps bringing out boxes full of decorations for the tree. If the tree is not a real one it has to have a purpose and my guess is its purpose is to stand there and get decorated. The tree also has some boxes wrapped in a funny paper. They don't smell like anything I want to eat or play with so I'm just going to leave them alone.

I hear some of the boxes are for me but I've sniffed and sniffed and I don't think I want to open any of those boxes. They just don't smell like something I want.

X-mas card perfect
The other day mommy got all crazy because she hadn't sent some Christmas card. She said she had no time to take a family picture since my master has been working late a lot. Somehow she decided that I would be the only one to appear on the card. Mommy grabbed a bow and a white blanket and set up the photo shoot in the middle of the living room. I didn't mind at all. Every time I did what mommy asked me to do I got a treat.

Well if Christmas will bring me as many treats as I got in this photo shoot I will love Christmas every year!
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