Friday, June 22, 2012

National Take Your Dog to Work Day

It is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and I am pumped!

I've heard on the news that many dogs where going to corporate America today, so I woke up early and got dressed to go to work with mommy.

However, mommy's work building is not participating in this awesome event (they suck!). That's why mommy and I stayed home to work from the home office (we work from home A LOT!).

For today, we renamed the home office the "pawfice" since I was going to be helping mommy with her work.

I grabbed my white tie and I read up a bit on how to work with computers. I also had a dog cookie and some dog coffee for breakfast.

After mommy took some pictures of me at the pawfice, I ate my cookie and then I took my mandatory 15 min break. I am an Union member, so you know I need to take my breaks. After that I went back to work. I took a nap on the couches and under the table, I also barked at the neighbors and I begged to go out on walks.

I was able to check my email and my phone messages, and some of my friends sent me pictures of them at the pawfice. My friend Quinn even wore a nice tie like I did. I'm still waiting to hear from the ladies...

Celebrating National Take Your Dog to Work Day has been fun, but I hope next year I can make it to the office for real!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lazy Dog

It was so hot this weekend that all I wanted to do was stay inside and sleep.

Some of my friends like going to the pool, but since I can't swim, this is not an option for me.

I tried to enjoy the weather by relaxing under a tree or something with shade, but really, I just wanted to stay inside with the AC on full blast.

Because I normally love to be outside, my master and mommy thought I was sick or going crazy, but all I wanted to do was avoid the heat.

I'm just hoping this heat wave ends soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather

I'm sick! This weekend I was feeling weird. My bottom itched so much that all I wanted to do was rub it on the floor and then lick it.

My master and mommy weren't to happy about it. They kept chasing me around the house, telling me to stop, but I just couldn't.

On Saturday they took me to the vet to get me checked out and the vet said my glands needed to be expressed. They took me to the back room and did what they had to do. I came back feeling so much better.

The vet said that since I'm half Beagle I have a tendency to suffer from annal gland problems, but that if I lose some weight (I can't believe she called me fat) I should be able to avoid this problem in the future. The vet said my fat bottom is not allowing the glands to be expressed naturally. Who knew!

Once I got home, I thought my issues were all fix, but that wasn't the case. I still had this irresistible urge to scoot and lick, but since my owners were not happy when I did that before, I was pretending everything was okay in my butt area.

On Sunday I new I was going to be home alone for a few hours, so I resisted the urge to scratch until I no one was watching me. It felt good for a while, but then my bottom started burning. Once mommy came back she saw that something was wrong with me. I looked very sad and I couldn't stop licking under my tail. Also, the trail of blood on the floor, carpet and my bottom gave it away.

I was rushed to the vet and this time the vet said I had infected my bottom with all the rubbing, dragging and licking I did. Now they had to clean the infected area, prescribe me some medicine and let it drain/heal for a few days.

The vet said that I should be placed in a crate for some days because my bottom needs to drain/bleed until it starts healing. If being crated wasn't bad enough, I have to wear this uncomfortable hat for 2 weeks. The hat/cone is meant to stop me from licking.

The vet must be crazy! Doesn't she know I'm not crate trained? Plus, I'm super smart and that cone won't last on me too long.

Master and mommy bought me this wired crate that I hate! They put me in there Sunday night and I cried my eyes out. I panted to the point I was going to pass out. Mommy had to take me out of the crate and that made us both feel a lot better.

As soon as I came out of the crate, I had this tug of war with that awful cone and I got it off my head. By this point it was 3 a.m. and mommy was already too tired to fight with me. I had kept her up all night with my crying.

We went into the second bedroom so that master could sleep. In there mommy had one of my other beds with my blanket, and I went under the blanket and fell asleep right away. My bottom was still itchy so I attempted to to lick it and scratch it a few times, yet mommy always stopped me.

I've been on antibiotics ever since and my bottom is doing a lot better now. Mommy has not slept much and I'm trying really hard not to lick or rub my butt.

The good news is that after that sleepless night, the wire crate was returned to the store and the hat has not returned to my neck. The bad news is, that I'm back on a diet.
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