Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Things I Don't Like

Here is a list of a few things that get me all worked up:

  1. Big hairy dogs
  2. Molly from down the street
  3. Being kicked
  4. Being hugged and kissed by stranger
  5. My mommy playing with another dog
  6. Having my chewing stick taken away
  7. Walking in the rain
  8. Abusive behavior, by humans and animals
  9. Violation of my personal space
  10. Being left alone at home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My New Best Friend

Ever since I can remember I've had this white teddy bear named buddy (See "X-mas Card Perfect" for a picture of Buddy). I've played tug of war with him almost daily. I use him as my pillow, I drag him up and down the stairs when I'm playing with him and I chase after him when master throws him around the house. However, buddy makes me gag now. I think all the rough playing I've done with him have him seeing his last days. Buddy has this hole on his neck, and when I play with him, his white fully insides come out through this hole. I can't stop coughing. Mommy says I sound like a cat with a hairball, but we all know I'm a dog and not a cat.

I've asked for Buddy's neck to be repaired, but the tear is so large that there is no repairing.

Master surprised me the other day with a new friend. His name is Lion and he is not hairy like Buddy. Best of all he has no hole on his neck. Lion is colorful and has a long tail I can grab on when I'm dragging him around the house. I don't choke on Lion's hair at all.

Buddy has been my best friend since I was placed on foster care, but it is time to move on and make new friends.
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