Saturday, July 6, 2013

Garage Sale Dog Bed

Mom went to a garage sale this morning and came back with a huge dog bed for me. She said the bed is brand new. It used to belong to my cousin Vegas, a Golden Retriever, but Vegas never liked it.

The bed was purple and I had no problem with the color. What I didn't like was the material the bed was made with. Just because I'm a dog doesn't mean my things should come with tough materials that swear to be water resistant and easy to clean. Come on, I have delicate paws and fur, and I should have comfortable things touching me. For all you know I stand on all fours all day long and I need a comfy spot to rest.

Once mom brought that dino-sized bed I refused to lay on it. The polyester outer material was just too rough for me. Mom didn't want the almost new bed to go to waste, so she decided to make some improvements on it.

First off, she went to the fabric store and came back with colorful and soft fabrics I fell in love with right away. I was even laying on the material before mom made a bed cover out of it.

Second of all, Vegas's bed was so big that it actually became two beds, one for me, and one for my two Chihuhua uncles Paco and Hugo.

My uncles Hugo (left) and Paco.

Mom knew she wanted to keep the monster pattern bed for me, but you know me, I had to test both beds to decide which one I wanted.

Paco and Hugo also liked their bed when we delivered it the next morning.

Isn't mom awesome? I love my new bed and the soft fabric she chose for it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

No Independence Day for Me

Today we celebrate Independence Day but I find it ironic that on this day of freedom I am locked inside a room.

So it happens that mom and master decided to host 4th of July at our house without consulting me, and since I don't really like when a lot of people come over and walk all over my territory I tend to stand guard. Master says that I'm a lot like mom, I like things quite, in order and I like to be the boss.

Since we will have many people over, mom and master are afraid that I might nip at someone, but to tell you the truth they haven't given me a chance to see if I misbehave or not. I'm insulted that they automatically think things will go bad if I'm free around the house. I guess they think they know better.

At least I'm not in a cage. You know I don't like crates. I'm locked away in the master bedroom and I have my toys, my water bowl, the fan is on as well as the radio. All windows are open and I get to see every single guest when they approach the house.

I have been doing a lot of barking and at times I pant and seem panicky, but I know that sooner or later all these people will go watch fireworks and I will be free again.

Don't worry about the windows being open, it is still early in the day and the fireworks have not started, plus I'm not afraid of them.

Anyway, I'll do some more barking here and I expect mom will come up with a burger and a hot dog for me. We will go on our walk soon and maybe I'll be allowed to greet some guests.
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