Monday, August 30, 2010

Graduation Day

For the past eight weeks I've been going to obedience class. I'm a smart dog. I've learn how to come when called, stay, lay down, stand, wrap around my master, drop an object when told to and leave it alone when asked. I tend to walk a bit ahead of my master, but maybe my master should just learn how to walk faster.

In the class I've made some friends. Mia, the German Shepherd, is my favorite. I get a little jealous when I see her playing with other dogs, but after today (graduation day) I wont have to share her with anyone else

Cooper, the Golden Retriever, is annoying. The trainer favors him and she thinks he is super smart. If you ask me, I think he is just a clown. He never listens to his master and I think he could have a hearing problem. Cooper is always jumping and barking around the classroom. He chases balls, bites on the leash and wants to wrestle with everyone. Maybe they'll ask him to repeat the class.

Miles, the Weimaraner, loves to whine. I don't know what is wrong with him, but his loud, pitchy whines, send me over the edge. He makes me nervous. Every time he  whines I get anxious and want to leave the class. Mommy thinks he is cute, but I just wish he would stop whining.

I was nervous for my final exam. Mommy wanted me to do well but all I want to do is get the class over with and not be around so many big dogs. After taking the exam, I placed fifth in the class (see my picture) and I saw that mommy wasn't too happy about this. My master kept telling her to be happy. I made the honor roll! Hopefully the sticker they gave her for my great achievement will make her happy.

The best part of the exam was watching Cooper placed second to last. hehehe. That made my night

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello, My name is...

Obi One Kenobi, that's my name. My mommy and master just call Obi. My original name was Eddy Munster Jr., but once my mommy rescued me they decided to change my name. I'm so glad they did because I don't look like an Eddy. Maybe at times I can be a Munster (a.k.a monster) but for the most part I'm super well-behaved. I know my name has something to do with these Star Wars movies, but honestly, I've never seen any of them.

I was rescued around the time I turned 1 year old. I don't remember much from my previous family, but they tell me the family had two kids. I bet those kids are a handful. My original owners gave me up because of the kids and because they were too busy to train and deal with me. They also said I bit one of the kids, but all I can say is that if I did – and I'm not saying I did – it was well deserved.

For the most part if you leave me alone I won't bug you. I might come and sniff you, you know.  I just want to make sure you are friendly. When you ring the doorbell I always want to welcome you. I might jump and bark/howl a little, but that's just how I say hi. If you ignore me I'll sniff around you and then I'll go away.

My master says I have some issues, but as a family we're working on them. I get scared when I walk near loud cars and trucks. I don't like sharing my toys and don't you dare take my chewing sticks without asking me to drop them. I don't like walking when it is raining and when there is too much snow I need snow boots. I play very well one-on-one, but when I go on group, doggy-play-dates, bigger dogs scare and I snap. I get overwhelmed easily.

My trainer says I have fear aggression, and that I'm mostly all barks and no bites. I used to bite his shoe whenever he pretended to kick me, but who wouldn't? You need to defend yourself somehow, you know. He says that I must have been abused as a puppy and that is why I have these issues. He does recognize that with the training I have improved a lot; I don't bite his shoe anymore.

Mommy and master love me a lot, especially when I'm good. When I do something bad like pulling on the leash, snapping at people, barking excessively at innocent kids or strangers my mommy gets sad and my master just gets frustrated. But I'm working on my behavior.

You just have to be patient with me. Please get to know me. I do look cute and cuddly but you have to understand that I'm not like some other dogs that can be pushed around and all they do is wag their tails and lick your face. I'm different. I like my space and would appreciate if you respect it.
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