Sunday, March 25, 2012

Puppy Play Date

Grandma M. called to invite us over to her house. I love going to see her because she always has chicken for me. Baba is there too and even though I like him a lot, I think he is always trying to trick me, so I'm always on guard around him.

We show up at the house and I smelled something different. There was something new in the air. A GIRL!

Payton is the neighbor's squiggly pet that loves to run in the yard. She is super cute and fun to run with. However, I always beat her because I'm older, faster and more experienced. We can run in the yard for 20 min straight and she gets tired before I do.

Even though Payton is pretty and fun, she has sharp puppy teeth that I don't always agree with. Somehow, she thinks that nipping me in the neck and face is cute, but it isn't! I growled at her a few times and when Master wasn't looking I tried to get her with my own teeth, but next thing I know mommy raised her voice and I had to stop. Then mommy picked up Payton and walked her across the street.

I hope I get to see and play with Payton again. I promise to be in my best behavior next time, but today she started it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

No More Dog Park

This winter is feeling more like spring time. The weather has been so nice that mommy and I have been going to the dog park a lot. Yet I don't think I'll be going back to the dog park ever again. For sure I won't be hanging out with the big dogs anymore.

I know I act tough all the time and I like playing rough, but today I got hurt and it was bad.

I was minding my own business chasing my friend Buck (English Bulldog) around the park when this newcomer, a huge black lab, showed up.

The lab wanted to be part of my game with Buck, but I didn't want him playing with us. Also, I felt I needed to tell the lab that Buck was my friend and not his. Since the lab kept interrupting my game of chase with Buck, I got really mad. I started chasing him and jumping at him while barking. I wanted to scare him off by showing him my shiny, white teeth. Suddenly the lab turned around and bumped into me. Next think I know we are rolling on the floor and then I started yelping for my life.

Park rules state that all dogs must have a quick-release collar, but this dog had a pinch collar on him.

While we were rolling and tumbling on the floor, my shiny, white teeth got stuck in his collar and I was hanging from his neck by my strong little teeth. I couldn't stop crying. The lab and I tried pulling ourselves apart but it was impossible to get me off of his collar.

Mommy rushed to my rescue, but she was scared too. I heard her scream but I didn't know why. She was able to free me after a few tugs. She picked me up and started screaming, calling Master, telling him we were rushing to the animal hospital. I felt scared and a bit funny. Something warm and red was gushing out of my right nostril.

Mommy was shaking but she put pressure with tissue paper on my little nose. When we got to the animal hospital, the bleeding was almost under control. The vet inspected me and said I had tore my nostril but that once the blood stops gushing I would be fine.

The vet told mommy to keep an eye on me making sure my nostril doesn't get infected.

We went came home and mommy cried for a while. Mommy told Master we were never going back to the dog park and that from now on I would only get private play dates with approved doggie friends.

I'm okay now, but my nose hurts. It was scary to feel trapped on that pinch collar. I don't ever want to see blood come out of me ever again, and I for sure don't want to see mommy crying like that.
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