Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Upcoming New Guest Is Revealed!

It is official. My family of three (two humans and me the dog) is expanding. We will be four in May 2014.

I hear the new guest that mom has been prepping the house for is this tiny bundle of joy that will smell similar to mom.

People say he will bring lots of joy and happiness. Oh! Did I mention it will be a boy? Yes, it is a boy.

I think I like girls better, I LOVE mom, and nana and abuelita. I also love master, and baba and abuelito, but it really really love girls more.

Mom says she really wanted a boy, so I'm happy for her, but how is this bundle of joy going to work for me? Is he bringing me treats? Does he know I come first? Does he know that I'm the only one allowed on the furniture and on mom's bed? As long as he doesn't eat my food, take my toys or kick me, we will be good. Oh, and mom is all mine!

Once the little baby learns the house rules we will be good.

I'll tell you more once he gets here, but he can take as long as he wants to get home. I don't mind being the only child.


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